Collaborative Research

2016-2017 Collaborative Research Program

The goal of this initiative is to enhance the science used in the management of Mid-Atlantic fisheries and to facilitate collaboration among scientists, fishermen, and other fishery stakeholders. The Council has funded four collaborative research projects to be carried out in 2016 and 2017. Additional details about this program are available in the documents below.  

General Documents

Project Proposals and Final Reports

Determining Selectivity and Optimum Mesh Size to Harvest Three Commercially Important Mid-Atlantic Species

Principal Investigator: Emerson Hasbrouck (Cornell University Cooperative Extension Marine Program), Co-Principal Investigator: Jonathan Knight (Superior Trawl Inc.)

Changes in availability of Mid-Atlantic fish stocks to fisheries-independent surveys

Principal investigators: Janet Nye (Stony Brook University), Michael Frisk (Stony Brook University), Skyler Sagarese (NOAA NMFS Southeast Fisheries Science Center, receiving no funds)

Collaborative Development Of A Winter Habitat Model For Atlantic Mackerel, “Version 2.0”, For The Identification Of “Cryptic” Habitats And Estimation Of Population Availability To Assessment Surveys And The Fishery

Principal Investigator: Gregory DiDomenico; Co-Principal Investigators: William K. Bright (Loper-Bright Enterprises Inc.), Peter Moore (Fisheries Liaison & former NORPEL New Bedford partner), Josh Kohut (Rutgers University Center for Ocean Observing Leadership, Mitchell A. Roffer (Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecasting Service, Inc.), John P. Manderson (NOAA/Northeast Fisheries Science Center Oceans & Climate and Cooperative Research Branch), Jeffery Pessutti (NOAA/Northeast Fisheries Science Center Fisheries Ecology Branch and Cooperative Research Branch)

Estimating and Mitigating the Discard Mortality Rate of Black Sea Bass in Offshore Recreational Rod-And-Reel Fisheries

Principal Investigator: Olaf Jensen (Rutgers University Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences); Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Douglas Zemeckis (Rutgers University Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences), Jeffrey Kneebone (Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life, New England Aquarium), and Eleanor Bochenek (Rutgers University Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences)