Fishery Management Action Teams


A Fishery Management Action Team (FMAT) is a team formed by the Council to develop alternatives and provide technical analysis in support of a specific, major Council action.  FMATs help plan and execute the procedural and technical steps needed to complete an action, and collaborate to create the supporting documents for Council actions (e.g., white papers, environmental assessments, environmental impacts statements, etc.). FMATs work closely with Council Committees to refine options and evaluate management proposals to ensure they are consistent with Council goals and any statutory or regulatory requirements.

Specific responsibilities of FMATs include:

  • Development of Action Plans for amendments and frameworks.

  • Development of the scope of issues that will be considered in the development of the action.

  • Incorporation of recommendations of the Council and its committees or other groups, into management alternatives development, as appropriate.

  • Guidance, and technical and analytical expertise, and/or review of proposed measures during the development and preparation of FMP actions.

About FMAT Meetings

Fishery Management Action Team (FMAT) meetings are working meetings of the Council, NOAA Fisheries, and Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission staff. Information on FMAT meeting locations and how to connect via phone or webinar (if available) may be obtained by contacting Council staff prior to the meeting. This information is not posted to the Council’s website. The date and time of FMAT meetings are generally posted to the calendar on the Council’s website, sometimes with very little notice. FMAT members may discuss topics listed on the agenda in any order and may also discuss topics not listed. Members of the public may attend FMAT meetings, or listen to the meetings if they are broadcast, but should not expect to participate in the discussion unless the FMAT chair invites public input during a specified public comment period to be noted at the beginning of the meeting. Work carried out by the FMAT is considered during committee and/or Council meetings, during which public comments are encouraged.

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Membership on FMATs can include scientists, managers, and other experts with knowledge and experience relevant to the Council action under development.  FMATs are chaired by Council staff as designated by the Council Executive Director. 

Bluefish Allocation Amendment

  • Matthew Seeley, MAFMC

  • Danielle Palmer, NMFS GARFO

  • David Stevenson, NMFS GARFO

  • Cynthia Hanson, NMFS GARFO

  • Sarah Gurtman, NMFS GARFO

  • Tony Wood, NEFSC

  • Trish Clay, NEFSC

  • Caitlin Starks, ASMFC

  • Mike Celestino, NJDFW

Chub Mackerel Amendment

  • Julia Beaty, MAFMC

  • Gregory Ardini NEFSC SSB

  • Marianne Ferguson GARFO NEPA

  • Douglas Christel, GARFO

  • Benjamin Galuardi, GARFO APSD

  • Diane Stephan, NMFS HMS

  • Alison Verkade, GARFO

Commercial eVTR Framework

  • Karson Coutre, MAFMC

  • Sam Asci, NEFMC

  • Jerome Hermsen, GARFO

  • Moira Kelly, GARFO

  • Joshua Moser, NEFSC

  • Tim Cardiasmenos, GARFO

Mackerel Rebuilding Framework

  • Doug Christel, GARFO

  • Kiersten Curti, NEFSC

  • Jason Didden, MAFMC

  • Benjamin Galuardi, GARFO

  • Sarah Gurtman, GARFO

  • Tammy Murphy, NEFSC

  • Danielle Palmer, GARFO

  • David Richardson, NEFSC

  • Dave Stevenson, GARFO

Illex Permitting and MSB FMP Goals and Objectives Amendment

  • Jason Didden, MAFMC

  • Doug Christel, GARFO

  • Lisa Hendrickson, NEFSC

  • John Walden, NEFSC

  • Marianne Ferguson, GARFO

  • Ben Galuardi, GARFO

  • Don Frei, GARFO

  • Dave Stevenson, GARFO

Summer Flounder Commercial Issues Amendment

  • Kiley Dancy, MAFMC

  • Kirby Rootes-Murdy, ASMFC

  • Dustin Leaning, ASMFC

  • Emily Gilbert, ASMFC

  • Marianne Ferguson, GARFO

  • David Stevenson, GARFO

  • Mark Terceiro, NEFSC

  • Greg Ardini, NEFSC

  • John Almeida, GARFO

Surfclam and Ocean Quahog Excessive Shares

  • Jose Montanez, MAFMC

  • Jessica Coakley, MAFMC

  • Douglas Potts, GARFO

  • Marianne Ferguson, GARFO,

  • Ted Hawes, GARFO

  • John Walden, NEFSC

  • John Almeida, GARFO

  • David Stevenson, GARFO