Monitoring Committees


Each of the Council’s fishery management plans (FMPs) has a Monitoring Committee which is responsible for annually reviewing the best available data and recommending commercial and recreational measures designed to assure that the target mortality level for each fishery managed under the FMP is not exceeded.  The Council and its Committees consider Monitoring Committee recommendations (along with input from the SSC, advisory panels, and the public) during the annual specification-setting process for each fishery.

Monitoring Committees consider a wide range of data, including commercial and recreational catch/landing statistics, current estimates of fishing mortality, stock status, the most recent estimates of recruitment, VPA results or length-based stock projection models, target mortality levels, beneficial impacts of size/mesh regulations, as well as the level of noncompliance by fishermen or states.


Monitoring Committees always include staff representatives from the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council, the Greater Atlantic Regional Office, and the Northeast Fisheries Science Center. Other members may include staff from the New England and/or South Atlantic Fishery Management Councils, Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, and state management agencies, as well as industry representatives involved in the affected fishery. The MAFMC Executive Director or his designee serves as chair the Committee. 

Mackerel, Squid, Butterfish

  • Jason Didden, MAFMC

  • Doug Christel, GARFO

  • Ben Galuardi, GARFO

  • Lisa Hendrickson, NEFSC

  • Charles Adams, NEFSC

  • Kiersten Curti, NEFSC

Summer Flounder, Scup, Black Sea Bass

  • Kiley Dancy, MAFMC

  • Julia Beaty, MAFMC

  • Brandon Muffley, MAFMC

  • John Carmichael, SAFMC

  • Sydney Alhale, VA Marine Resources Commission

  • Peter Clarke, NJ Div of Fish and Wildlife

  • Steve Doctor, MD DNR

  • Emily Gilbert, NOAA/NMFS

  • Wilson Laney, US Fish and Wildlife Service

  • John Maniscalco, NY DEC, Marine Fisheries

  • Jason McNamee, RI Div of Fish and Wildlife

  • Kirby Rootes-Murdy, ASMFC

  • Caitlin Starks, ASMFC

  • Mark Terceiro, NMFS/NEFSC

  • Todd VanMiddlesworth, NC Div Marine Fisheries

  • Tiffany Vidal, MA DMF

  • Greg Wojcik, CT DEP

  • Rich Wong, DE Div of Fish and Wildlife


  • José Montañez, MAFMC

  • Matt Seeley, MAFMC

  • Dustin Colson Leaning, ASMFC

  • Kurt Gottschall, CT Bureau of Marine Fisheries

  • Nicole Lengyel, RI Div of Fish and Wildlife

  • John Maniscalco, NY DEC, Marine Fisheries

  • Michael Celestino, NJ Div of Fish and Wildlife

  • Eric Durrell, MD DNR

  • Wilson Laney, US Fish and Wildlife Service

  • Anthony Wood, NMFS/NEFSC

  • Cynthia Ferrio, NOAA/NMFS

  • Gregg Waugh, SAFMC

  • James Gartland, VIMS

  • Richard Wong, DNREC - Div of Fish and Wildlife

  • Tiffany Vidal, MA DMF

Spiny Dogfish

  • Jason Didden, MAFMC

  • Fiona Hogan, NEFMC

  • Kathy Sosebee, NEFSC

  • Cynthia Ferrio , GARFO

  • Dan McKiernan, Massachusetts Div. of Marine Fisheries

  • Angel Willey, MD Dept. of Natural Resource

  • Conor McManus, Rhode Island Div. of Fish & Wildlife

  • Lisa Hollensead, NC Division of Marine Fisheries

  • Scott MacDonald*

  • Doug Feeney*

*Non-voting, ex-officio industry representatives


  • José Montanez, MAFMC

  • Matt Seeley, MAFMC

  • Douglas Potts , GARFO

  • John Maniscalco, NYSDEC Div of Marine Resources

  • Dan Farnham, NY Fisherman

  • Paul Nitschke, NEFSC

  • Jeff Brust, NJ Div of Fish and Wildlife