Stock Assessments 

Stock assessments are a critical part of the fisheries management process. Fishery managers use stock assessments to understand the effects of fishing and other factors on the status of a fish stock, to evaluate the size of a fish stock, and to make predictions about how a fish stock will respond to current and future management measures. The information provided by stock assessments helps managers ensure sustainable fisheries, healthy ecosystems, and productive coastal communities. 

Stock assessments for the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions are conducted by the Northeast Regional Stock Assessment Workshop or “SAW,” a formal scientific peer review process for evaluating and presenting stock assessment results to managers. The SAW protocol is used to prepare and review assessments for fish and invertebrate stocks in the offshore US waters of the northwest Atlantic. Assessments are peer reviewed by an independent panel of stock assessment experts called the Stock Assessment Review Committee or “SARC”. 

Information About Ongoing and Recent Assessments

Mid-Atlantic Stock Assessments

Select from the options below to find stock assessments for the Mid-Atlantic Council's managed fisheries from 2004-present. For older stock assessments, visit the SAW Report Archive on the science center's website.