Offshore Energy

There has been recent, growing interest in developing the Mid-Atlantic regions energy resources. The region possesses substantial amounts of energy in the form of oil and gas, wind power, liquefied natural gas, hydropower, among others. Development of these energy resources falls under the purview of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). However, the Council periodically provides input on energy activities that may impact the marine environment and the Council’s managed resources and fisheries.

This page provides information related to the Council's involvement in, and comments on, energy development activities. For up-to-date information about specific projects in the Mid-Atlantic, please visit BOEM's Atlantic Fishing Industry Communication and Engagement webpage as well as FERC’s website.  

Council Comment Letters

Council Habitat Policies - Offshore Energy

The Council has developed a series of policies that articulate its positions on a range of issues that impact fish habitat. Listed below are policies pertaining to offshore energy development. Additional information and a comprehensive list of policies are available at

Offshore Wind Workshop

In February 2014, the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council hosted a workshop focusing on best management practices (BMPs) and mitigation measures for offshore wind development in the Mid-Atlantic region. The workshop provided a forum for fishermen, fishery managers, decision-makers, and offshore wind experts to discuss and provide input on the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management's (BOEM) Draft Report on Fishing Best Management Practices and Mitigation Measures.